Diploma in Audiology & Speech Therapy

Audiology is the study of speech and hearing disorders.
Audiologists use various techniques to establish whether an individual is hearing impaired or not. These are:-
1-Hearing tests like audiometry
2-Otoacoustic emission measurements (OAE)>
4-Electrophysiological tests ETC
After assessing the extent of hearing loss, these specialist dispense hearing aids to the patients. Apart from hearing aids , those professionals are also involved in administering speech therapy to patients, special children , with speech pathology and articulation defects.
professionals trained in this course are in great demand. There is a shortage of such specialist in the health care industry. Apart from government jobs , jobs in private ENT clinics & Hospitals, these specialists can open their own clinic for those problems. Average salary for such professionals is 30,000 per month and increases with experience.